PRO Services Dubai

PRO services in Dubai requires professional expertise who can successfully manage the whole cycle of procedures and formalities.Company formation in Dubai has a number of predefined procedures and cycles. An expert is required to guide you through these multiple stages and helps you complete all the hard paperwork successfully. Express Business Services assists businesses through all the business setup stages with our wide array of PRO services in Dubai and Document clearing services. As our work closely depends networking with the Dubai government and officials of various ministries, we are known far and wide as providers of the most-efficient PRO Services in Dubai. Ultimately, you benefit from our PRO services in Dubai in terms of time spent as part of queues in government offices as well as money.

PRO Services in Dubai play an important role when you want passport clearance, immigration, business licenses, trademarks, copyrights and certification. The PRO services of Express Business services ensure that clients are given maximum support for their smooth stay and business in the UAE.

Being the best business consultants in Dubai, our company harbors experts that are skilled at the various formalities laid out by the Dubai Mainland laws and UAE Free Zone regulations. As our work is dependent on government authorities, our strong ties with them facilitate quicker document clearances, labor contract creation, license renewal, immigration card for our clients.

Besides getting approvals from the UAE ministries, Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs couldn’t get easier.


While setting up a business in Dubai, one has to go through many hurdles. It has a number of steps like getting approvals from Immigration and Labor Ministries, licensing and registration, actual or virtual office setup as well as opening a corporate bank account and so on. Express Business Services helps in successful setup of business in Dubai by completing the standard procedures and getting the necessary approvals from the UAE government authorities. With our typing and legal attestation services, rest assured that employee visas and labor cards can be processed in the quickest of time.

Besides, we also assist in changing trade names of the company, drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association, making amends to the existing Memorandum or Articles and increasing or decreasing paid up capital.


Just like company formation in the UAE, liquidation of an existing business also has a myriad of procedures to be followed strictly. Express Business Services helps by providing Pro services in Dubai in the winding up and dissolution of companies in the UAE by complying with a string of legal procedures that involve termination of licenses, closing bank accounts and preparing a final audit report. A reputed business consultancy like Express Business Services can clarify the steps and simplify the whole procedure of dissolving the company for you in the quickest matter of time.


Besides company formation, Express Business Services helps in all pro services in Dubai like small and large scale companies obtain employee visas for their workers as well as obtaining labor cards from the Immigration Department. We also help companies conduct medical checks and obtain the residence visa stamps on their employees’ passports.