RAK Offshore Company Formation

RAK Offshore Company Registration

RAKIA Offshore is a part of Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority, offering comprehensive solution and flexible regulatory framework for international businesses. RAKIA Offshore is an International Offshore Business Centre for non-resident entrepreneurs who need an offshore location to conduct business, and outsource back office activities.

For clients seeking flexible and cost effective entity from which to conduct international trade and services or investment holding for both domestic investments and international investments, then RAKIA offshore company formation is the simplified solution for them. RAK offshore company is restricted from carrying out business with other UAE based entity and individuals.

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Complete privacy, confidentiality and protection of assets and information
  • Ability to maintain bank accounts in the UAE
  • RAK Offshore incorporation has no exchange controls
  • Choice of law (common law, civil law or any jurisdiction of your choice)
  • Property ownership for non-residents in UAE free zones
  • No local director/shareholder requirements
  • Ability to issue multiple classes of shares (Custodian shares and Restricted Bearer shares)
  • Own Intellectual Property such as Patents, Trade Marks and Copyright