Virtual Office/Business Centre and Actual Office Setup in UAE

Are you trying to set up a well-established virtual office in Dubai with a prestigious address but you don’t have the finances for it?

  • Want a physical office address on the world famous business hub?
  • Need not only a virtual office service with a UAE address but also a space which helps you conduct your business as if you are in Dubai while you are actually not?
  • Need a dedicated local UAE office telephone number and a fax service?

If your answer to all these questions is YES, everything you need to commerce a UAE branch and establishing your business presence is just a few moments away. Join hands with Express Business Services, the most reputed business setup consultants in Dubai.

Think of it… A corporate business address for your company in the world’s most favored “city of opportunity” – Dubai! It’s just a place where anything and everything is possible. Expand and make your company international at an instant. Finally, a prime UAE office with full support services without investing big time and money!

Express Business Services offers a complete Dubai virtual office setup services that can instantly let you start a company in Dubai and establish your corporate identity abroad in no time. With a virtual office, entrepreneurs don’t have to be physically present but can provide their full-fledged services locally from any part of the world. Under the virtual office setup, we provide you with a desk which you can use for a certain fixed hours.

We have several packages with business and office support services that can assist you with company formation in UAE, finding the best fit local sponsor for you and getting the required licenses. To further aid you after the initial step of formation and starting up, we have an array of the most-fulfilling PRO services in Dubai, through which we can open you a global corporate bank account even.

For a legitimate virtual office setup, you need to acquire a Dubai trade license as well a No Trading Letter. As we constantly network with the UAE government as part of our various business consultancy services in Dubai, we can get your visas processed and the licenses acquired within the shortest time possible. Besides, we also get you your unique PO Box address in UAE and it’s just a matter of a few days’ time before you have your virtual office up and running in full swing.

Our virtual office setup services give you full access to your fax, emails and voice calls 24*7. We follow your instructions while answering all your calls and emails.

Just like we make business setup in Dubai as simple and less complicated for all our clients, virtual and actual office setup could not get easier. Put your best face forward while saving the actual costs of office-space rents and so on.

Whether your company is an expanding enterprise or a mere startup, Express Business Services offers custom-tailored virtual office setup packages, which is the perfect solution if you are looking to reducing your financial risks while offering your services worldwide.